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How do I install Ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite L670D-102

I have been trying to load Ubuntu 10.10 (tried both AMD64 and i386 versions of Desktop Edition) onto a Satellite L670D-102 using a Live CD. The CD spins for a while, there is some activity on the hard drive and then I get a flashing white cursor (a hyphen) on a black screen. I left it all night and it remained the same. I tried with a 'live' usb and again, no boot. The cds and usb work in other machines running both amd and intel cpus.
The sort of questions that spring to mind are:-
Is there some security or other setting within the cmos that prevents anything other than Windows being loaded?
Are Toshiba simply anti- Linux and I need a new machine?
Do I need a special bios to run Ubuntu?
Any help in resolving the issue would be welcome.
The best answer: Hi
I use a Toshiba Satellite L655. It came with a Win7. The first thing I did after buying it was to wipe out Win7 and install ubuntu 10.10 on the entire hard disk (not a dual boot or Wubi install). Now I want to try out ubuntu 11.04 beta from a live usb and I am trying to change the boot order. The laptop doesn't boot from the usb drive. I am unable to enter the BIOS. I have tried pressing ESC, F2 etc while switching on the laptop. So far, I have not been able to access the BIOS setup.
I have tried googling and I read about Toshiba's "legacy-free" laptops. But am not sure if mine is such a one. Now, I don't have Win at all in my laptop. I have only ubuntu 10.10. I need to access the BIOS setup and change the boot order so that my laptop boots from the USB drive. How do I do this?
Any guidance would be welcome.