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How easy is it to create a new add on? I would like to see tabbed display within the browser on FF24 on Android 4.2 – as per desktop FF

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Please excuse this if it's a noob Q – I am, indeed, completely new to Android. Tabbed display appears to have been possible on previous versions of FF for Android via several add ons but unfortunately no more. Display of each open tab within the browser – rather than the current arrangement with just the number in the corner – is still possible with FF desktop and also features in Chrome, Opera and Dolphin for Android. I would prefer not to use these other mobile browsers as FF outperforms them but I do need tabbed display to allow for PDF docs to open – using the PDF viewer add on – alongside their initiating webpage. Any ideas? Is it difficult to create an add on? What is the process? Is one in the pipeline? Many thanks in advance for any help or guidance you can offer...
The best answer: Many thanks for your reply, Waka – guess you're right that it's a new add on or bust... I still find it odd that such a common UI feature across mobile browsers is unavailable in FF24 either as an option under settings or as an add-on. Surely, I'm not the only person who finds this puzzling?


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