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How to Disable "Connection Failed Connection Unava...

Ok I have a 808 bought it as a camera
after it updated it, I get this unacceptable repeated popup
"Connection Failed
Connection Unavailable"
Its like every 30 seconds
Its total black background message occupies valuable screen real estate at the top of the screen and repeatedly hinders normal usage of the device, causing especially unpleasant experience when capturing pictures or video.
How do nokia users like me go about disabling this message and continue enjoying the experience of the brand we choose to trust?
The best answer: As someone who uses an 808 as my main phone on a daily basis due to it's fantastic quick and efficient OS, battery life, call quality, sat nav and great media experience it is beyond me why anyone would waste a huge amount of money just to use it as a camera !! However , if you go to settings then profiles and select offline mode, the phone will not attempt to connect to anything. 
Good Luck
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