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How to dual boot ubuntu and windows 8?

Hp envy 6 sleekbook 6z 1100
I have already disable the secure boot in the BIOS
But I still cannot install the ubuntu 13.04
The installation was good and smooth
But after reboot, there is no boot menu appear for me to choose which OS I want to boot
I wonder if HP locked something......... or should I turn on Legacy support in the BIOS? But ubuntu 13.04 should support EFL BIOS
I need Ubuntu for work!
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The best answer: Thanks, I can boot into the Ubuntu now
1. After install Ubuntu along Windows 8, it will not boot into the Ubuntu
2, download EasyBCD --> backup your BCD setting first --> Add New Entry --> Linux --> GRUB2 --> Add
3. Once you reboot, the system allow you to choose either wind 8 or linux
4. choose linux , here is the trick part, Hp has something trick on their EFI bootloader, you should not able to boot to ubuntu
5. But when you press Esc, then F9, then you will see Ubuntu option
.............................. =.=
Just press Esc when you boot your laptop then F9 and shall be able to boot into Ubuntu.........