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How to generate oracle report in PCL format

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We are having an issue in our application where the output report(PDF) is getting generated in the Postscript format.
The first few lines of the output pdf are like this:
%%Creator: Oracle Toolkit 2 for Motif PRODUCTION
%%Version: 10.1 2
%%CreationDate: (Tue Feb 12 09:37:10 2013)
However, the printer which we are using to print these PDF files accepts only PCL format and the print request is failing.
Is there a way we can change the generated report format into PCL format.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as this issue is very critical to our application.
Thanks in advance.
The best answer: We are trying to do this directly passing the below parameters
But the issue is the cached file which is getting generated is in PS format(Its on unix server) and printer is not accepting it.
Even if we keep the output as file and then print the file using lpr command, result is same since the PDF file is in PS format.