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How To install Java Application[J2SE] into Windows Mobile

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Hi All,
I have developed an application for Mobile devices[ Windows Mobile] exclusively using Java[AWT].When I try to install , the application in mobile, i got the following error.
*"MIDlet cannot be installed because critical information is missing from the MIDlet file (.jar). - 13 Please contact the MIDlet provider for more information."*
I didnt use any midlet classes in my application. So my question is, what the above error denotes? and How to install
java[AWT] application into mobile?. What are all the requirements to install the application?.
Thanks in advance.
The best answer: Hi David, thank you very much, your information was very useful, finally i got the work done.
The problem was with the JVM which is im used in my Windows Mobile. And im installed CrE-ME in my mobile
to execute java application.
The following link has the details of how to install the JVM and execute the aplication (.jar ).
Thanks and Regards


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