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How to make linux bootable off a usb stick on mac

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Guys i was wondering how to make linux bootable off a usb stick on mac, since i dont have a optical drive in my mac, plus i need it for university
The best answer: I have the same question, but parsed differently.  What people have tried answering here is:
     how to (make linux (bootable off a usb stick on mac))
What I'm trying to find is:
    how to make ((linux bootable off a usb stick) on mac)
That is, I don't want to boot from the usb stick on my mac; I want to write an ISO to a usb stick that's plugged into my Macbook Pro (Mavericks), then carry the stick to a different machine (several discarded Windows boxes in fact), plug it in there, and watch it boot on that machine.  I've done a bit of googling, but everything I find talks about making USB drives with content that can be booted on a Mac.  What I'm wondering is if it's possible to write to use my Mac to write bootable USB gadgets that work on other machines that aren't running OSX software.
Anyone know if this is discussed anywhere?  If not, what's the right forum to ask it on?  And how do I ask it so that I don't get yet another explanation of how to make something that will boot on my Mac?
I have several linux ISOs waiting.  Actually, I could do the job on one of several available linux boxes.  But I'd like to do it on my portable laptop, which at the moment is this Macbook Pro.