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How to open a form from Oracle XML Report .xls Output?

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Hi All,
We have a requirement wherein we have one complex SQL query, requirement is to fetch the data from that query and show it to the user. So far, so good. We can either create a report thru' UTL file to show the output to the user or can create a XML report whose output can be in the excel format.
Now user wants to have a hyperlink i.e. when he clicks the BSA (Blanket Sales Agreement) from the report output, it should be able to route him to BSA screen (oracle form), so that he can directly correct the issue with that corresponding BSA on which he clicked.
i.e. requirement is to create a a hyperlink from report output which will route the user to that oracle form with the BSA queried.
Not sure how can we implement this. If anybody has come across this type of requirement, please share your ideas and the approach used so as to accomplish this. Any inputs on this will be highly appreciated.
The best answer: Hello Sumir,
we create reports in an XML format using http://matzberger.de/oracle/spreadsheet-en.html.
Within these files you can create hyperlinks to a forms application like
With these parameters we call a default forms module (welcome screen) and then start module ab and execute a query for 123. The user then can directly access the data he needs.