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HT201269 How do I add another contact / recipient to an SMS. Easy in Android, but I can't see how on my 5s.  Have to create a group on my Macbook Pro (OS 9.1), but it's not getting synced via usb. I'd prefer not to use cloud.

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How do I add a contact / recipient to an SMS on iPhone 5s?  It's easy on Android, but I've not sussed it on the iPhone - can't create a group etc.  Tried to create a group on Mac, but it either doesn't exist or won't sync to the phone with usb, nor will other contact details created on Mac.  I'd rather not use the cloud.  I'm sure contacts used to sync to my old iPod touch in Snow Leopard.
Is it not more logical to have the phone as the main source of this sort of data?  We're more likely to update on a device we carry all the time surely?
Please advise. Thank you
The best answer: Hey Cornish wrinkly,
It sounds like you want to create a group message. You can read about group messaging on the iPhone here:
iOS: Understanding group messaging
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