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HTML5 DOCTYPE in custom WPC web form

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we are implementing a custom WPC web form along following SAP documentation:
The new web form incorporates JS-Scripts from an open source project (Galleria.io).
However, this JS-Application requires a HTML5 DOCTYPE, which needs to bedefined in the root of an HTML document. At runtime of the web form the HTML5 DOCTYPE is missing and the JS-Application is not properly running.
I found following SAP note "1713259 - PRT support for HTML5 doctype" which focuses on this topic. It mentions two possible options:
- Enable HTML5 DOCTYPE for entire portal environment,
- ... or enable HTML5 DOCTYPE only for custom portal applications.
However we only want to enable HTML5 DOCTYPE for the WPC component runtime.
Is there any option to enable this via configuration in WPC... or any other ideas?
Best regards
The best answer: Hi Mario!
You could personalize your form adding this at the begining of your XLST WPC:
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"> <!-- for example -->
Also, you could set in your base iview portal template the document browser mode:
Browser Document Mode – How to set the IE Compatibility View from server side.
This forces use a determinated browser in portal.
Hope this helps,
Kind regards!