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I cannot turn it on!!!n97.(problem with hard reset...

hi guys..this is my **bleep** prob..i had a n97..the problem is it wont start at all...ive tried the hard reset but it wont work as it could be..ive tried a million times to hard reset but it still cannot..the phone only stuck at the Nokia..then it stuck there forever until i get this problem solved..is they anyone that has any ideas about this thing..??
The best answer: Erm.. I'm not quite with you johnjoel. From what I understand, the problem isn't sorted at all??
First, What was the inital problem, and when did it occure? - Did you install anything on it before it happened? Did you upgrade the fw?
Anyway, your phone's stuck on the boot screen. Usually there's nothing more to do other than take it to a Nokia care point as mccoy did, if the hard reset fails.
But do you have a memory card installed? If yes; pull it out and try another hard reset. if it works, you will most likely have to format the memorycard.
If you don't have a memorycard installed or the trick doesn't work; leave the memorycard outside the phone and pull out the sim-card too. Try another hard reset. - If the phone boots without it, but fails to boot with it, even when you've just performed a successfully hard reset, I would try another simcard if you have one spare. - If the phone does not work with that simcar either, you will have to take it to a Nokia care point.
If i did misunderstand you, and you have sorted it out, let me know by posting here, and I will remove this.
If youre not sure if you do the hard reset correctly; let me know.


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