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I have an ipod nano, and an HP laptop. I've purchased music from the itunes store, as well as down loaded most of my cd's to the library. My question is: how do I get all this music into my Samsung smart phone?

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I've spent the last 6 months purchasing from the istore and downloading CD's to my library, in preparation for a 6000km cruiser trip on my motorcycle this summer. Only to find out that I cannot download from itunes to my Samsung smart phone. Does anyone know why, or does anyone know how? I called Mac tech support and they told me it cannot be done, I have to purchase an iphone. Please help, I've got 2000 songs for the trip and a bluetooth headset in my helmet. I own an ipod nano full of the same songs, but of course Mac made it so you cannot blue tooth a nano, so I have to use my phone.
Thanks ahead of time!  
PS  Keep your instructions rather simple though please, I'm 60 yrs old!
The best answer: iTunes and Apple's devices work as an ecosystem. iTunes is designed to sync with Apple's products, not anyone else's. You'll need your songs in a format compatable with the Samsung phone and to use the software transfer program supplied/recommended. It is essentially not an Apple/iTunes problem. You may have better luck finding the information you need on Samsung's forums.


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