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I have tried with my ipad air and a friends ipad to mirror the contents to a samsung smart tv via appletv and cannot either to work.I have spent over 2 hours today on live chat with apple support with no resolution.Any ideas please?

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i cannot mirror from ipad or ipad air to a samsung smart tv via appletv.Any ideas please?
The best answer: I have tried with an Ipad Air and Ipad using Op System 8.0.2 to mirror their contents to the screen of my Samsung Flat Screen Flat TV via the latest make of Appletv.I have spent over 2 hours going through all settings etc with Apple Customer Service Live Chat.They cannot find or replicate the problem and says it is all working fine.My TV screen displays, when i go into mirroring,  "ready for connection - on your device launch Allshare Cast".Nothing happens although i have agreed with Apple Support that all settings are on and are correct.Can anyone help please, as Apple Support cannot?


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