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I have two Arch Linux computers -- Avoid downloading everything twice?

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Hello, I have two Arch Linux computers. A media center type computer, and a general work station. They are both x86-64.
Arch Linux is pretty intensive on bandwidth. Even though my two computers don't have exactly the same packages, they have a lot in common. What's the best set up so that I don't download these common packages twice when upgrading the systems?
Note: I've tried setting up a NFS mount for the package cache, but for some reason, both machines will proceed to redownload the packages and not use the ones that are in the package cache.
EDIT: Actually, I forgot to configure pacman.conf to use the NFS cache on one of the machines, so I guess this would work after all. Is there a better way to do it though?
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The best answer: nomorewindows wrote:I've seen pacserve before, but I have dual architectures, and of that, some of the machines get updated once in a blue moon.  I'm sure that pacserve probably wouldn't be affected by dual architectures.  It's just easier to remember to pull from a NFS share.
I don't really see how that's easier. Pacserve comes with a daemon and the daemon uses multicast by default, so the network configures itself. 
Multiple architectures were a problem before, but Arch started including the architecture in the package name for all packages a while ago. Since then, it's fine to mix and match.
Anyway, I just wanted to clarify. If NFS is easier for you, use that.