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I (think) I accidentally screwed up my EFI or MBR installing Ubuntu

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Ok. I was installing Ubuntu on my MBP. I didn't pay attention to where it was installing grub. I tried deleting ubuntu and grub. I symlinked the EFI partition, and deleted grub from there. When I boot, I get a black screen, and the sh-sh noise my mac normally makes when it boots. If it was the first time booting since I last booted successfully, it makes 1 long beep. If I shut down, wait a few minutes, and try again, I get a black screen with no beep. If I shut down, wait, boot it back up, I can boot up fine. I think I messed my up my MBR or EFI. I also did sudo fdisk -u /dev/disk0. I don't have a windows disk, and reinstalling os x is not an option, because my mom would kill me for "messing with technology." Any help would be appreciated.
The best answer: I'm having the same problem.  Do you happen to remember where you found instructions to "force update" the firmware?  I've tried the Firmware restoration CD but can't figure out how to use it since holding down the power button doesn't change the boot behavior.


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