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ICal: Multiple Attendee Event Scheduling

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I may, apparently, be the only person on the planet that used iCal with corporate calendaring back-ends. After upgrading to OSX Mavericks I seem to have lost the ability to check calendars for open timeslots. Perhaps this is simply a case of RTFM and, if so, please point me to TFM and I'll read. Thanks for any and all pointers on the subject.
The best answer: Hi,
Timed events (as opposed to all day ones) only show on the first day in Month view in iCal. They show in Week and Day views for all the days they span.
This has been the way iCal operates for several versions (if not from the beginning) and if you look here you'll find many comments about it.
This is a user to user forum. By posting here you are not guaranteed someone from Apple will read it. If you'd like Apple to know you don't like this I suggest you send them feedback.
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