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In Premiere Elements 8, None of my projects will open. Says projects were created in Premiere Pro

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In Premiere Elements 8, None of my projects will open. Says projects were created in Premiere Pro, when they were not. Cannot create new projects either. Basically, the program is completely bricked an unable to do anything once it gets past the welcome screen.
My projects are all saved as .prel
They were all working, when suddenly none of them would work any more. I can no longer use this program, and I really need to. Have already tried running the program as an administrator and creating a second admin account. Also tried going to the basic graphics driver.
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Thanks for the helpful additional information. Because of the nature of the description of your problem (references to Premiere Pro which you do not have et al), I would encourage you to go directly to the following which I suggested previously by the following question.
5. Have you gone the route of Uninstall/ccleaner run through - regular and registry components of the cleaner), reinstall?
1. Uninstall Premiere Elements 8 via the usual Control Panel/Installed Program area route.
2. Download and install the free ccleaner and run the computer through its regular cleaner and registry cleaner parts.
Open the program to see something like
Click on "Run Cleaner" with the "Cleaner Tab" selected in the left column of the dialog. Click OK to the pop up to initiate the automatic process.
After the regular cleaner portion is done, then click on "Registry" in the left column of the dialog. It should look something like
Click on "Scan for Issues"
when done
Click on "Fix selected issues"
when pop up appears
Click Yes to "backup changes to the registry"
when done
Click "Fix selected issues" in the pop up that now appears
when done
Click Close.
Please read all the details in the ccleaner link before starting. If you need clarification on anything written before you begin, please do not hesitate to ask.
I use this procedure routine for computer maintenance without issues (Windows XP 32 bit as well as Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 64 bit). It is a widesly used tool.
We will be watching for further developments.
3. Reinstall Premiere Elements 8 with antivirus and firewalls off. After installation of 8, now do the download and installation of the 8.0.1 update from Adobe via the link
That 8.0.1 installation can be done with Premiere Elements 8 closed.
Adobe set up that 8.0.1 Update so that they is no 8.0.1 shown in the program after installation of it. You will probably get a message of installation completed successful. The major evidence that it has been installed will be the turn off of the previously default "Automatic Background Rendering" in preferences. You still have to turn off the "Automatic AutoAnalzyer" in Elements Organizer, a must do.
Please review the above.
Thank you.