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In what way could i get the Shipping conditions of the SO?

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In what way could i get the Shipping conditions for those SOs which used route 'AABB'.
What i mean is whether there exist a table could let me search and get output list like below??
<b>Selection Screen:</b>
Sales document type: ZTO
Routes: AABB
<b>Output List :</b>
SO#  |  Shipping condition | Route  |Trans.Zone(optional) |
The best answer: Shipping Condition comes from the customer master onto the sales document header. This means, the data would be referred at the sales order header level. Whereas, the route, shipping point is determined at the item level. Transportation Zone is determined at the Ship to partner level (WE). So, in order to generate a report list that should fetch all orders lines with a particular route to give you SO#, Shipping condition, Route and Zone, you would have to use three different tables. VBAK, VBPA and VBAP.
The best way would be to use SAP Query (SQ01). Define an infoset first at SQ02 with these three tables VBAK, VBAP and VBPA and join them. Then go to SQ01 and select from the field list, Document type and Route as your selection criterion fields. Then select the output list per your requirement. Please have your ABAPer set this query up for you and it will work for sure.