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InDesign CS6 Folio Builder Crashes Version 32.0.0

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I've only just installed the DPS Desktop Tools for InDesign CS6 and the installation worked perfectly although upon opening Folio Builder in InDesign it results in the program crashing...
So far I've re installed InDesign I've tried a few other solutions although none seem to be relevant to this version 32.0.0
It wouldn't be that big a deal although I need the Folio Builder tool for my current assessment.. Not being able to work on it at home is going to be detrimental to the end result
Hope someone can help me!
The best answer: Hi Bob
We're actually using your Lynda tutorial for our training, it's such a great resource thank you.
Here's a thread I was reading which wasn't helpful for myself although I did try some solutions that were relevant to me.
Re: InDesign CS 6 Folio Builder crashing
Solutions tried:
- Re installing InDesign CS6
- Downloaded DPS updates directly from Adobe
- One post suggested deleting my cache file/folders which would result in any folios I've made deleted however this
is the first time I've used the DPS tools in Adobe so I didn't worry.
- I've also deleted/reset my preferences
Is there anything else you can suggest?