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Install Java: either on OSX or Windows (bootcamp)

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i'm a java developer and new to OSX and recently, when i thought of running my java projects using eclipse in my MBP, one of my friend said that there was a backdoor exploit for MB, if i install it on my computer. So i need to know whether i can install eclipse ( need to install java in order to run the code) or should i make dual boot and install windows and then run my coding stuff? Which is safer acc to the security of the data?
Please suggest me with your opinions.
Thanks in advance.
The best answer: Backdoor exploits IN THE WEB BROWSER verison, that have been pretty well patched if you are installing the security updates. Don't leave Java in the browser enabled unless you need it and you will be fine.
Do not Install Windows, with its swiss cheese of doors for malware, unless you are really into malware self-abuse.
and you will need to go to Oracle to get java for your version of Mac OS X.