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Install Java plugin for IE without manual update or install

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I have a client machine with JRE installed. Now i see the problem that java plugin is not installed in IE. Is there anyway i could manually register java plugin for IE without using installer or java update ? would it be possible to use command line argument or such alternative please let me know.
The best answer: I would like to find a way to allow a user without
administrative rights to install the Java-Plugin for
using Java-Applets. As far as I understood, the
plugin can be installed in a silent way withou
registry modifiactions. Is this working for users
without admin rights?Could anyone please explain, why it is so difficult for Sun to create an installation package for user without admin rights? The whole "GetJava"-program doesn't make any sense for ordinary users if they get the JRE downloaded seamlessly and then the installation fails due to missing admin rights. This way Java would never succeed on the desktop.


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