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Install solaris via hyper terminal

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I just got my new ultra 5 box and I was wondering what type of cable and hyper terminal settings I need in order to get this thing rolling.
The type of cable I used before was a null modem cable db9F --> db9F. Then I read I needed db9 --> db25. So I went out and look for db9 --> db25 only to find that there wasn't any male to male cables ... any suggestions would be great!
The best answer: Dear friends,
I have the same problem...
I have a VGA adapter in my sparc 5, but my 14" monitor doesn't show nothing (only a new MAG 17" but it's not mine).
So, I switched to HyperTerminal.
I made more than 10 Null modem cables, with all the options, but I could not see nothing and I cannot install my mchine.
The explanation of the cable here, I didn't understand so good, albeit that, I make the cable but it didn't work.
Does anybody knows what to do, step by step, or where can I read it?
Thank you very much!