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Installation Problem on Pentium4 with ORACLE 8.1.7 Client

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I tried to Install the ORACLE Client 8.1.7/8.1.6 on Pentium4 with NT platform. On inserting the CD it gave the first prompt and after Clicking the "INSTALL/DE-INSTALL PRODUCTS", system stops. Checking in the TaskManager helps us to know that 'setup.exe' and 'java.exe' were started for a fraction of the second and then stopped.
Tried to explore the issue and it seems that the JAVA version which ORACLE is using for the INSTALLATION of 8.1.7 is NonCompatible with the P4[NT Platform].
However, 8.0.5/8.0.6 Client version were successfully Installed on the same configuration.
Can Anyone help me out in Installing 8.1.6 on P4[NT base].
Thanks in advance
The best answer: Is the machine you're trying to install on the
machine your display is running on?
If not, doing a
'xhost + name_of_machine_you_are_installing_on'
on the machine your display is running on should do the
Hope that helps.
M. Geselle