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Installing BI Publisher Desktop for Windows

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Hi, Everyone,
I have jus started to reasearch about Oracle BI Publisher.
I have installed BI Publisher Desktop for Windows on my machine.
I am trying to connect to my oracle database. The version of my database in
I have opened Ms-Word 2007 and clicked on the Add-Ins tab and i am trying to login.
I am lost as to how to connect to my server?
After connecting how can i connect the BI publiser to my database?
Could anyone guide me the steps to follow?
Thanks a many...
The best answer: The BI Publisher Desktop tool allows you to access your BI Publisher Enterprise server from your client PC. It does not provide any means to directly connect to your database.
A basic installation of BI Publisher Enterprise shall be accessible via eg. http://appserver.mycompany.com:9704/xmlpserver and you can access it using the seeded credentials being Administrator / Administrator. You should use the same URL and credentials for the Template Builder add-in from MS Word.
More information is available in our documentation:
[Creating an RTF Template Using the Template Builder for Word|http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12844_01/doc/bip.1013/e12187/T518230T518233.htm#4512010]