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Installing BI Publisher Desktop as a machine startup script?

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Our company wants to deploy Oracle BI Publisher Desktop to 60+ machines with Office 2010. Users on these machines do not have any admin privileges and therefore the installation is done via machine start up script. I managed to combine bits and pieces from various documents and generated a response file for silent install. The installation seems to be successful as users see the BI add-ins menu in Word. However, when they click 'Log On' from the Oracle BI Publisher menu, they first get a "Template Builder not found" error and then a "Run-Time error '429'" from MS VB. I have found a few threads talking about how to resolve these errors but none worked for me (e.g. Run the XMLPreportingTools4WordSetup.msi from BI Publisher's folder)
I've narrowed down the reason that may have caused all these. When installing as a start up script, two things are missing from the installation: 1) Shared Add-in Extensibility Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (KB908002) and 2) Shared Add-in Support Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (KB908002). On the other hand, if I install the software manually using an account with admin privileges, these 2 additional .NET software are installed as part of the overall package.
My guess is that installation via start up script is unable to call the necessary files to install the 2 .NET software. Me and my colleges would rather not having to logon to each machine and install BI Publisher manually.
If you have encounter similar situations before, any tips/feedback would be appreciated.
The best answer: The BI Publisher Desktop tool allows you to access your BI Publisher Enterprise server from your client PC. It does not provide any means to directly connect to your database.
A basic installation of BI Publisher Enterprise shall be accessible via eg. http://appserver.mycompany.com:9704/xmlpserver and you can access it using the seeded credentials being Administrator / Administrator. You should use the same URL and credentials for the Template Builder add-in from MS Word.
More information is available in our documentation:
[Creating an RTF Template Using the Template Builder for Word|http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12844_01/doc/bip.1013/e12187/T518230T518233.htm#4512010]