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Installing Ubuntu 12.04.1 on a partition MacBook Pro?

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I am attempting to install Ubuntu 12.04.1 on my internal hard-drive on a brand new MacBook Pro. I have managed to partition the hard drive ok. But when it cam to attempting to install the alternative operating software on it. I arrived at a purple screen of death.
I am using an installation disk that I burnt myself from my previous Mac. After I partitioned the Hard Drive using the disk utility I input the disk into the computer and then restarted the computer holding down the alt button to boot into the other partition. I reached the slection stage and there were four options. The Macintosh HD, the new partition on the hard drive, and two disk icons, one labelled Windows and the other labelled something else (I can't quite remember). I clicked on the fourth option and was guided to a purple screen that said.
Try ubuntu without installing
Install Ubuntu
and one other option which again I cant remember.
I clicked on install Ubuntu and my computer screen went blank and everything has now stopped reponding to anything I try and do. I have tried the normal escape routines but nothing happens. What is happeneing and how can I get control of the computer back, and finally what is the correct way of installing Ubuntu on the section of the hard drive. HELP!
Thank You.
The best answer: Sorry for your troubles but what is wrong with OS X? The only other OS that Apple supports being installed on a Mac computer is Windows and for the newest versions of OS X only Windows 7.
You could install all different types of OSs into a virtual machine program like VMware Fusion, Parallels or Virtualbox.
Or maybe you should of bought a Windows PC Notebook as with them you aren't restricted in what OS can be installed natively.


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