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Installing ubuntu 13.04 on mac?

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I installed windows 8 (64bit) beside OSX (10.8.3) thorugh BootCamp 5. i want to install ubuntu 13.04 beside my OSX and Windows. Can anyone give me some help how can i do it?
The best answer: They all perform similarly... they've all had years to mature at this point.  It's more about refinement and "bells and whistles".  I prefer VirtualBox primarily because it is free and fully functional.  The good thing is that when it gets updated, you can get the latest version without having to pay for an upgrade.  I also use it on quite a few machines... Macs and PCs.  I don't want to have to worry about licensing multiple machines for a pay product.  I will usually recommend that someone try VirtualBox to see if it will meet their needs.  It's free, so no harm done if you don't like it.  Parallels and Fusion are great products and offer some more features with respect to integration with the host OS.  I'm personally not a big fan of that, but that's more of a preference on my part.