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"Internal Error Occurred" appears when .pdf is opened from Outlook 2010 email

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"Internal Error Occurred" appears when .pdf is opened from Outlook 2010 email
I am absolutely pulling out my hair over this one!!
PC/Win 7 64bit/Adobe XI/Office 2010
I have tried Uninstalling and re-installing
I have tried using an adobe software removal tool
I have tried modifying the security settings in reader
I've tried running repair on MS Office
If you open the .pdf from an email directly, it opens Reader with the error "Internal Error Occurred"
If you drag and drop the .pdf onto the desktop, and then open it, it opens.
If you open Adobe Reader FIRST, then open the .pdf from the email, it opens fine.
ONLY when you open a .pdf from an email with Adobe Reader closed (so Outlook is asking AR to open first, and then present the .pdf) is it behaving this way.
Hypothesis: Outlook 2010 does not like to open Adobe Reader.
SO....tell me all of you brilliant geniuses? How do I solve this puzzle and become an end user's hero?
PS: WorkAround - the only work around I have found for this at present, is that the user first opens up Adobe Reader and lets it run in the background. I pinned the shortcut to his task bar to remind him.
The best answer: I have uninstalled Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and installed Adobe Reader XI and everything works fine. This will be our current fix until a solution is found for the above error