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IOS 5 Direct Download 3GS

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I downloaded the iOS 5 from a direct download link to my computer. How do I make iTunes recognize it so I can update it? I use a 3GS.
The best answer: Wow... talk about blowing things out of proportion.
I installed iOS 5 on my 3GS Saturday morning and have had no issues.  Nothing was lost.
But then, unlike many that I have seen reporting issues, I sync my device daily, my contacts are synced to MobileMe (now converted to iCloud) and all my media exists in iTunes.  I actually use the device the way Apple intended it to be used.
The majority of the posts I have seen complaining about issues are from users that rarely or never sync, did not let it complete a backup, or rely soley on the device for management of their contacts and calendars.
Again, mine like Reece brailey's is just one experience out of millions.  It's ultimately a decision that every user must make for themselves, but do not let one person's drama discourage you.
To answer the OP's question, place the ipsw file in the iPhone software update folder, or simply download it via iTunes so that you ensure you have the correct ipsw file.


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