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IPhone 3GS no longer works with bluetooth since ios 4.3.2 update

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Hi all. Since the ios 4.3.2 update my iPhone 3GS no longer works correctly with the bluetooth in my car (2006 Acura TL).  I know it's not an issue with the car and the only thing that has changed is the update with the phone.  Anybody else having this issue?  I have unpaired, tried to re-pair, reset the network settings, reset all of the settings, and did a restore.  I'm at a loss with what to do next.
Any thoughts?
The best answer: Its becoming a problem of epic proportions...so many people are having the exact same problem...I have a Feb 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Series 200 and since upgrading to OS 4 my USB function no longer works like it did before the upgrade.
My Apple has become a LEMON!!
Would be nice to hear that Apple recognises there is a problem...buut maybe they are too busy counting all their money to care!!