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Is There any API in receivables payment will made against closed invoices ?

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i have requirement as below.
i am doing AR Invoice Data Migration for Instance 11.5.5 (as a Source Instance) to the new instance R12 (as a target instance).
Both open and closed invoices will have to be migrated from 11.5.5 to R12 to provide the drill down facility for audit purpose.
To meet the above requirement all the open and closed invoice will be picked up from 11.5.5 ; and imported into R12..
Subsequently, full payment will be made in R12 against all closed invoices in 11.5.5 to close those invoices by using any APIs?
can some one explain is there any API in receivables payment will made against closed invoices.
The best answer: Hi,
Can you be clear on your question: You want any API to make payment against closed invoices?
To me, You are making things complex. We can achieve the Migration of Closed invoices using following two procedures:
Procedure: 1
Ask Functional Guy to create a Transaction Type 'Closed Invoices' with Open to Receivables Flag not checked. +(You can uncheck Post to GL flag also, if required depending on your migration strategy)+. Status at Transaction Type if taken as 'Closed' it will be appropriate.
Invoices migrated using this Transaction Type shall not be shown as Outstanding but will be useful for Audit.
Procedure: 2
Consider the amount due Original of Closed Invoices and migrate them with the amount as Amount due remaining.
While migrating populate Receipt Method,Payment Method and Instruments useful for Automatic Receipts.
Once Create Automatic Receipts Program is run, it will close all these invoices. Note: We require dummy bank here which points to a Clearing account.
Automatic Receipts program is also an API.
In the above 2 ways, we are acheiving the Goal by using Functional knowledge rather than Technical. And I think following Functional way is better and less time consuming.
Please discuss with your Functional consultant if required. You can succeed.