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Is there any standard extractor to extract Assessment and Action Plan deta

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Is there any standard extractor to extarct HR assessment details from the table PA9220 and Action Plan details from the table
Please advise.
Thanks in Advance.
The best answer: Select-options:
u2022     Plant
u2022     Creation date
Select document number from EDIDC (transparent table) into an internal table by:
u2022     Direction (in/outbound)
u2022     Receiver port
u2022     Partner type of receiver
u2022     Message type
u2022     Creation date
u2022     IDOC type
u2022     Partner function of receiver
Then loop on the internal table
- For every step use FM: IDOC_READ_COMPLETELY
- This will return 2 tables per IDoc, which you can use any which way you like
- Append your ALV table with the info you need.
Display ALV