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Issue to write/execute AT-commands for a 3G modem

Dear community,
For the past month, I'm searching for some help on this topic without success, "you are my last hope"
After modification of the PPP parameters under network preferences (according the clear archive from apple support on this topic), the terminal windows is poping up without any problem.
Then... I can't write anything on this terminal !!! The only actions I'm able to perform is cancel or continue button. I also press the Return key as apple support mentioned (issue for 10.2 or earlier), nothing.
The test was done on a early 2010 macbook 13 and the same on a mid 2010 macbook 15, the same issue.
- Am I doing something wrong or mac os restricted this com protocol?
- Is there a way to command the modem trough the main computer terminal (which is working properly)?
Thank you in advance!
The best answer: You've probably solved this problem long ago, but I came across this thread a couple weeks ago when trying to do the same and thought I post this .vi for future users.  This code is for a multitech MT5656ZDXV modem, but I think the AT commands are generic enough to be used with any voice modem. Hardware configuration requires and audio cable running from the PC speaker to the modem mic port.  Also, I had to use a Konnex Office Konnector telephone line A/D which required me to manually pick up a handset; the software prompts the user to do this.  Fancier A/Ds should eliminate the need for this and I have one on order.  If you have an analog phone line then there should be no need to use an A/D or manually pick up the phone.
modem_speakerphone.vi ‏21 KB
Sound Player.vi ‏17 KB