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Issue with Varchar2 field conversion for report output generated in EXCEL

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Hello All,
I have an unique problem with one of my new reports for the User. The user wants the report output generated in excel data only(delimited data) format *(reports builder 10g)* .
Everything was fine until i encountered this problem, there was this field which has unique ID's(alphanumeric and numeric), when i tried to run the report and generate output in Excel the numeric ID's say for example *(41593497999679354429)* is converted in excel and displayed like *(2.5881E+19)* and after format cells in excel it displays *(41593497999679300000).*
The issue is only with 20 digits numeric ID's , if i append any special character to the end say '#' or '..' it shows the exact value along with the appended character. But the user insist they need only the value that is in the table. I am finding it hard to figure out, if any one of you have encountered the same issue or if any of you have any suggestions to overcome this excel conversion thing please do advice me.
Thanks in advance :)
The best answer: Thanks for you response, but i already tried what you suggested, instead of appending single quote in front of ID, i did at the end prior with '#', it preserves the value if i add any character to the id but the appended value shows up too :(.
Well, i just got the solution and it did work, thanks to [Brian Hill|https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=651632] for the post, i did what exactly he said and it worked. I was so very happy and wanted to share with everyone.