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I.. can't believe how much lip service SUN puts into OpenSource software and then proceeds to release JavaFx (their great white hope) and noticeably absent is a Linux version?! I mean this is just embarrassing. Their Motto is "For all the screens of your life" and I cant use it on any of mine :) Java was and is the platform for write once run anywhere, that's why I've used it since 98... Listen , I'm sure your planning on releasing a Linux version shortly, but lets lay it out there, you should have written it in Java :-)
Anyway, its absolutly paramount that you post something in the downloads section pronto announcing the Linux version will be along shortly, before the Open source advocates start panning this new technology.
Someone please forward this to Jonathan Schwartz :).
The best answer: Hi Josh,
I actually read that after looking around a bit. I was just suggesting that you state something on the downloads page that its under way. As it is now, it looks as if there is no plan to support either platform. Also , you must get tired of answering this question :-)