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Linking from one PDF to another: Is there a more efficient way?

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Some background first:
We make a large catalog (400pages) in Indesign and it's updated every year. We are a wholesale distributor and our pricing changes so we also make a price list with price ref # that corresponded with #s printed in the main catalogue.  Last year we also made this catalog interactive so that a pdf of it could be browsed using links and bookmarks. This is not too difficult using Indesign and making any adjustments in the exported PDF. Here is the part that becomes tedious and is especially so this year:
We also set up links in the main catalog that go to the price list pdf - opening the page with the item's price ref # and prices... Here's my biggest issue - I have not found any way to do this except making links one at a time in Acrobat Pro (and setting various specifications like focus and action and which page (in the price list) to open) Last year this wasn't too bad because we used only one price list. It still took some time to go through and set up 400-500 links individually.
This year we've simplified our linking a little by putting only one link per page but that is still 400 links. And this year I have 6 different price lists (price tiers...) to link to the main catalogue pdf. (That's in the neighborhood of 1200-1500 double clicking the link(button) to open Button Properties, click Actions tab, click Add..."Go to page view" , set link to other pdf page, click edit, change Open in to "New Window" and set Zoom.  This isn't a big deal if you only have a few Next, Previous, Home kind of buttons....but it's huge when you have hundreds of links. Surely there's a better way?
Is there anyway in Acrobat or Indesign to more efficiently create and edit hundreds of links from one pdf to another?
If anything is unclear and my question doesn't make sense please ask. I will do my best to help you answer my questions.
The best answer: George, I looked at the article talking about the fdf files and it sounds interesting. I've gathered that I could manipulate the pdf links by making an fdf file and importing that into the PDF, correct?
Now, I wondered - can I export an fdf from the current pdf and then change what is in there and import it back into the pdf.  I've tried this (Forms>More Form Options>Manage Form Data>Export Data) and then opened the fdf in a text editor but I see nothing related to the documents links... I assume this is because the links are 'form' data to begin with - but is there away to export something with link data like that described in the article link you provided?