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Linux 3.1.9 and HDA ATI SB problem [SOLVED]

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I`ve just updated kernel from 3.1.8 to 3.1.9 and now my HDA ATI SB (ALC889 Analog) audio card is now unavailable for system. Any suggestions?
I have KDE, and phonon-gstreamer.
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The best answer: Well problem solved. Of course it is strange, but.. Before update I installed fluidsynth and enabled to run it as daemon through rc.conf. Then was update and restart after that I had message that my sound card doesn`t work. I was thinking and decided to remove fluidsynth from daemons array. After restart everything works again. The strangest thing is that if I start fluidsynth daemon during system run(/etc/rc.d/fluidsynth start) everything works fine.