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Login problem in sun fire V490 through Hyper terminal

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I am a new user of sun Solaris 10 . In my sun fire v490 server every thing is configured fine there is no fault in booting .But when I configured the file /etc/inet/hosts in solaris 10 and missed to configure the file /etc/inet/netmask and /etc/inet/ipnodes, due to which server is not allow me to login there is an error occur " unable to login" . Now what is the other way to login into server console. I am entering in the console using normal mode, should I try to login in using diagnostic mode., or is there any other way to login into and modify the file. I also need training videos of solaris configuration .
Help in this regard will be highly appreciable.
The best answer: I don't think the test-scsi command is viable for that platform.
The FC disks are "viewed" by the system as external to the SCSI controller, almost as if they were in a multi-pack.
They are FC drives addressed by the chipset as SCSI disks.
Which release of Solaris 10 are you trying to install?
Older releases that might be fine for V480's won't work on V490's.
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