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Lync 2013 + Windows 8 phones not getting any notification but android and iphone works fine

Dear All,
Issue : None of the windows 8 phones gets alert when someone pings in lync2013
Description: We get notification when someone pings to lync2013 im configured in android or iphone and it fails to notify when someone pings lync2013 configured in windows phones Example : Lumia 920,930,625
Singe FE and Edge
Push notification is enabled in the server side and on mobile
Tried using 2010 version client had the same issue
Push testing was successful until I updated the server and now after update I am getting the following error
PS C:\Users\administrator.tester> Test-CsFederatedPartner -Domain push.lync.com -ProxyFqdn sipfed.online.lync.com -verbos
cmdlet Test-CsFederatedPartner at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
TargetFqdn: edge.tester.com
VERBOSE: Reading access proxy port from topology process started.
VERBOSE: Reading access proxy port '5061' from topology process successfully finished.
VERBOSE: Reading certificate process started.
VERBOSE: Reading certificate process successfully finished.
VERBOSE: Searching for certificate with issuer name = 'CN=test-certsrv-CA, DC=tester, DC=com' and serial number =
VERBOSE: Successfully found certificate with the matching issuer name and serial number.
VERBOSE: Workflow Instance Id 'd283786a-ba07-42ad-83e2-ad4ed5692597', started.
VERBOSE: Command line executed is 'Test-CsFederatedPartner -Domain push.lync.com -ProxyFqdn sipfed.online.lync.com
Test-CsFederatedPartner : A 500 (The server encountered an unexpected internal error) response was received from the
network and the operation failed. See the exception details for more information.
At line:1 char:1
+ Test-CsFederatedPartner -Domain push.lync.com -ProxyFqdn sipfed.online.lync.com  ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : OperationStopped: (:) [Test-CsFederatedPartner], FailureResponseException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : WorkflowNotCompleted,Microsoft.Rtc.Management.SyntheticTransactions.TestFederatedPartner
VERBOSE: Workflow Instance ID 'd283786a-ba07-42ad-83e2-ad4ed5692597' completed.
VERBOSE: Workflow run-time (sec): 0.1410312.
Please let me know if this is causing the issue,
Please note : As soon as I see this tried invoking the csmanagementstore replication and got to know my edge server is not up to date - I am sure this has no relation with push this is for getting the changes informed to edge server,
Everything works normal with no issues apart from this,
Seeking your valuable advice here,
Nelson N Exchange 2003|2007|2010
The best answer: Hi Nelson,
To better understand the issue, I would like to collect the following information.
1. Have you added the new hosting provider, Microsoft Lync Online, and then set up hosting provider federation between your organization and Lync Online ?
Configuring for push notifications in Lync Server 2013
2. Have you installed the new root certificate?
Lync Servers currently use the GTE CyberTrust Global Root and beginning on June 1st, 2013 will migrate to the Baltimore CyberTrust Root. The
migration of Lync Online Service to use the new Baltimore trusted root Certificate Authority is planned during May 2013. As of June 1st 2013,
all of our servers including the Lync Push Notifications Clearing House Service will be on Baltimore certs only. So please ensure that your Lync Server deployments have been updated to trust the Baltimore Root before that.
In addition, it is recommend to update the Lync servers to the lasted version.
Best regards,