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Mac Mini with a Samsung smart TV problem

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Hello Everybody. This is my first time in here !
I hope someone would be able to share ideas or views about my issue.
I have a Mac Mini I used to plug into a Panasonic TV, using a a Mini Display to HDMI cable. Since the Mini Display port does not carry audio, I used a mini jack stereo to RCA cable from the Mac's speaker socket to the TV's audio. Everything worked pretty OK.
I just bought a new Samsung smart TV and planned to do the same thing. However, I was horrified to discover that the audio won't carry. From a little bit of research I have made, it turns out that the TV disables the audio once it realizes the DVI does not carry any, and therefore no sound is heard even though the RCA's connected.
One way to go around it was to rename the HDMI source to DVI - PC, but it doesn't work 100% of the time (for some reason) and did not work in my case.
So far, the Samsung guys I've spoked to you haven't been very helpful and offered that I use the TV's optical sound IN (which the TV doesn't have), and even then they did not know if it worked 100%.
I've found out that Mini Display + Stereo to HDMI adapter exists, but it's very expensive here (over 50 pounds, almost $100) and I'd like to find alternatives - The TV's speakers are pretty good and I'd like to avoid buying speakers, if I could work it out with simple cable work.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
The best answer: I ma having the same issue, I have one of the original Mini Mac and was connect to my Panasonic TV and everything worked fine.
I have bought a Samsung after been told by the shop it was the best and compatable only to find I like the person above cannot get any sound.
All ideas welcome.
Thanks in advance