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Mac Pro and Adobe CS2

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Since I have been using Adobe CS2 on my Mac Pro, I have been having alot of crashes especially Indesign. Anyone else had problems and know of a way to fix it? I have updated all my software.
The best answer: Grant,
I've installed Windows XP Pro to run Photoshop CS2, Vue5 Infinite, and a number of other programs which have yet to be rewritten for Intel Macs as well as numerous Windows only apps. While it is true that Photoshop runs at a native speed on Windows, it runs just fine under Rosetta for me. I suspect it depends on the file sizes one works with and what your expectations are. Coming from an older G4, Photoshop with Rosetta is much faster than my old computer. Typically I work on 100 - 300mb images.
The original inquiry was about crashing issues and Version Cue is a real culprit and known issue as is running Photoshop and Illustrator concurrently. As I'll run just one at a time because of that issue and all my Adobe licenses are for specific apps rather than the suites so Version Cue was never an issue, I've not had a Adobe crash yet.
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