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Making new partitions after installing Ubuntu 11.1

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Hi everyone
First of all, sorry for my bad english, i'll do my best to explain my problem.
I have a 2010 13" Macbook Pro (7,1), with OsX Snow Leopard running on it.
Recently, I decided to install Ubuntu (11.1 version), by partitioning the main Macintosh HD using Disk Utility as usual, with 3 new partitions: a swap partition, a "storage" partition ad a partition dedicated to the OS.
After the installation, everything was going well: with refit at the start i can choose if booting with OS-X or Ubuntu and it works with no problems.
Yesterday I saw a tutorial on youtube where I saw a Macbook user explaining how to install three operative systems, using ReFit at the start like me.
So, today I decided to give it a try, but Disk Utility doesn't allow me to modify the macintosh HD partition again. I can set a new partition, deciding the dimension and the file system format, but clicking on "apply" to make the changes I get this error:
"Mediakit mediakit reports no such partition".
Does anyone knows a fix for this one?
Sorry if there was already a topic about a similar problem, I didn't noticed it.
The best answer: Try Andrei Cerbu's post here or see TS1538: iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows, in particular section 5, forcing a driver update.


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