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Mandatory Shipping Condition

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In SAP CRM 5.0 Shipping condition (field group 1126) is marked as a required field.
It is also excluded from customising.
If I use VCT to remove the tab with this field on, it still shows an error becasue this mandatory field is required even though it does not exist on the screen.
I have put the tabe back in VCT then I have tried making field group 1126 as a not required field, plus including it in customising and marking it as 'hide' through field grioupings.
Finally I have regenerated the screens but still have the same problem.
The field is not hidden and it is still a required entry.
How can I get round this problem?
The best answer: Hi David,
Try to make the Shipping conditions optional entry for the Ship to Party Role using the following path IMG> Cross Application Components> SAP Business Partner> Basic Settings> Field Groupings--> Configure Field Attributes per BP Role
Hope this helps.
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Rekha Dadwal