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Minecraft and the current kernel.

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I've been using Minecraft on Arch for a while and I've had no problems until the recent kernel update. Right now I'm using the fallback
[[email protected] ~]$ echo `uname -r`
... and I believe that's the fallback version.
With whatever version is currently available through pacman, it has a problem with minecraft. I'll connect to a server/play singleplayer and the cursor will come out of the game window, and my system will freeze entirely. I cannot move ANYTHING, it's like ice. So, a day later, I decided to run the fallback since I was getting random kernel panics at boot during times, and sure enough, everything is fine!
If there's any commands you'd wish me to run on my system, I'd be glad to provide those results! I wish to get this resolved.
The best answer: Another kernel has been released for update. This fixes the problem with starting the game and it freezing the system. But after playing for a while, my main monitor will go black and my secondary monitor freezes. I still have to force the computer to restart; there's no kernel errors.
EDIT: This happens with both the normal and fallback kernel. And, to what I have seen, when you attempt to load your world after this problem occurs, minecraft crashes. Once again, There is a kernel update so I will see how this goes.
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