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Mini-DVI to Video Adapter inconsistent

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I have a PB 12" 1.33 with a mini-DVI port on it. I've developed a Keynote presentation that I'd like to put up on a television. I've purchased Apple's mini-DVI Video adapter (Part Number: M9319G/A) and am running an S-Video cable from the adapter to the TV. Tests at home work perfectly, and are very simple and straight forward.
Unfortunately, when I went to the location I am giving the presentation and repeated the process of hooking up to their TV, I get a B/W distorted image on the television. The same distorted image comes up on a plasma screen they have on site as well.
I've tried all the options in the Dispalys Control Panel for resolutions. They change it slightly, but still remain distorted.
I've read a post (http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=2035086&#2035086) that recommends changing from NTSC to PAL (or vice versa) using the Displays panel, but mine does not have that option (am I in the wrong place?). The only options I have on the Displays Control Panel are Resolutions and Colors.
I thought it may have been a problem with the TV, but a co-worker hooked up his Windows-based laptop via S-Video, and it worked fine (resulting in a "oh its because its a Mac" discussion!). Also, the problem was not isolated to just one TV.
Deperately need help!
The best answer: Either way. You set if you want mirroring or two monitors in Display in System Preferences.