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Mini-DVI to Video Adapter

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Well being a new mac users (and loving the change greatly) I decided to use my brand new black macbook to it's fullest extent and make my own Keynote presentation. Although the final result is great I need to know if I can actually get it projected up onto our big screen.
After about 5 mins of browsing the UK's apple shop I found the solution to my problems
But then realised it doesn't state any support for the macbook and one of the comments says:
'Very unclear advertising regarding machine compatability. Apparently 2 types of 'mini-dvi' - both called 'mini-dvi'. This is only compatable with the most recent version of the 12" Powerbook. '
Which is leaving me very nervy about just ordering the product without confermation of it's compatibility.
Can anyone help?
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The best answer: Apple store links are temporary unless you have the permanent so I won't post it... but if you go to the UK store and click on Displays under Mac Accessories- the Apple Mini DVI to Video Adapter that is on that page is the one that you want. It works for my MacBook, it should work for your MacBook
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The write up on the UK store may not have been updated like it is on the US Store but the part should be M9319G/A