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Multi-Target Question

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Hi All,
I'm new to ODI and I'm trying to use it for some integration development. Regarding one interface can have only one target, what if one source record needs to populate two target tables in one flow? e.g.,
Source -> Target table1
-> Target table2
I understand that I can use two interfaces to achieve it, but would that be a big impact on performance, using the same select from the same source twice? Or there's some caching for each select so that it could be re-used for subsequent interfaces?
Appreciate your input on this.
The best answer: Hi Michele,
You could use a "yellow interface", it means, an interface that loads a temp table and use this temp table as source of 2 interface (one to each target).
In this way you will eliminate that the query, at original source, to be done twice.
Does it help you?