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My HTML5 project does not work in moodle with scorm enabled

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Wondering if anyone can help me with this, I have published my Captivate 6 project in HTML5 with SCORM 1.2 enabled but when I upload it to moodle and try to play the project on an ipad I just get a black screen. When I try to play the project through my browser on my pc it works fine, I have also created previous projects which have HTML5 but no SCORM and they work fine on the ipad. I have also checked that I have the neccessary browser settings on the ipad and it is all up to date. I know that adobe says that the projects should work with HTML5 and SCORM so can anybody help me with what I might be doing wrong?
The best answer: Hi xswqazi09 and RodWard,
Thank you for your reply.
@Rodward: By showing the above mentioned setting I wanted to test that if these settings works on xswqazi09's end or not. However we can customize settings in captivate based upon our requirement.
@xswqazi09: At my end i din't customize any settings inside scorm just published the output through captivate with the settings (in captivate) as shown above and then uploaded the content to see the result on i-pad deivice.