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My mac pro restarts when waking from sleep

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Hello everyone pls help me.
I have a annoying problem and that is that my Mac Pro restarts after it has been to sleep.
Last week I updated the system with an update from Apple, safteyupdate 2013-003 version 1.0.
I have swedish OsX 10.6.8.
After this update my mac always restarts after waking from sleep.
So what may have gone wrong?
Pls help me in a simple way, and pls describe in easy steps if I have to do something.
The best answer: One suggestion is to always have cloned your system ahead of time, that means before making changes or updates, early on when it is fresh and working.
And don't just restart. Use Safe Mode at least, better yet use Recovery Mode if on Lion (which I do recommend) and have a small OS Emergency drive for any maintenance - along with a clone working copy of your system.
Don't just reinstall over your system. Do a fresh install on another drive. Image it and set that for maintenance, then clone that to be a new working base for your system.
Setup Assistant does an amazing job.
Forced restarts can corrupt the filesystem and directory as the changes in memory or cache are not written out and drives are not unmounted properly and will come to bite in the rear.
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