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Need information about Siebel CRM Server download for Linux.

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Hi to all,
Plz tell me how i can download Siebel CRM Server setup for Linux OS. Through eDelivary link or through http://metalink.oracle.com. I have CSI number to use metalink plz tell me the process to download siebel crm server setup for linux. Is it available files like Gateway server, siebel server, enterprise server and database server or any other different file names.Plz tell me which files i download and what is the download link for that files.
The best answer: https://edelivery.oracle.com/
Product Pack: Siebel CRM
Platform: Linux x86
Drill down on Siebel Business Applications (with Translations) Media Pack Release for Linux x86 and download your required language pack from the list at the top and all of the components that you want from the list at the bottom.